25 September 2022

GTA San Andreas: Sounds List

Modding sounds in GTA San Andreas was always tough due to the enormous number of files and their name not being suggestive at all... until now. This list will make things easier to find.
The list was made in collaboration with Matt1010. We'll keep updating this list regularly as we find more sounds.
List also available on GTAForums!

25 August 2021


După 5 ani în Flămânzenii de Sus, Codrin Bradea află că cineva i-a rupt Scaunul Scârțâitor. Încercând să afle cine a făcut asta, protagonistul nostru întâlnește tot felul de personaje ciudate precum fratele Echo, Roberto, Iobagg, Robotzii, handicapatul de Ryder și mulți alții...

Acest mod este un fan-project pentru Codrin Bradea, dar și pentru Lejiune! Pe parcurs modul este posbil să mai primească mici update-uri, nu garantez.
Credits, F.A.Q. și alte informații despre mod se află în ReadMe.

Have fun!

11 August 2021

Zhdun (Homunculus loxodontus) for GTA San Andreas


I liked this waiting seal meme and I looked for a 3D model to port :) Hope you like it



08 May 2021

Bulangiu & Mare Bulangiu for GTA San Andreas


Ported from Eternal Lands baga-mi-as pl in el joc :)))))

Includes a weapon aswell.


©Uzzi47, 2021.

29 July 2020

Ra'zac from Eragon for GTA San Andreas

Skin from the 2006 game, Eragon. Also included the blade :)


Converted, textured and rigged by Uzzi47.

©Uzzi47, 2020

James Earl Cash for GTA3

Skin and bones mod is required: https://gtaforums.com/topic/815077-skin-and-bones/


Known bugs:
In cutscenes, hands might appear doubled. It's a problem caused by "Skin and bones" mod. I might fix this in the future, not sure.

Rigged and converted by Uzzi47

©Uzzi47, 2020

19 April 2020

Claude 1992 (from GTA SA) for GTA3

This is the version from GTA San Andreas that takes place in 1992.

Model is not blocky because it's fully rigged on bones!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Skin & Bones mod is required: https://gtaforums.com/topic/815077-skin-and-bones/


Converted/Rigged by Uzzi47
Textured by Uzzi47 and Matt1010
Tested by Matt1010

16 April 2020

Xbox Claude with PC head (for GTA San Andreas)

I know there are a few Claude skins on the internet but all of them have bugs.

This one is a bit different
  • Body from the Xbox version
  • Head from the PC version (because Xbox head is ugly)
  • A better rig
  • Both Default and Playa2 skins


-Remodeled/Rigged/Textured/Converted by Uzzi47
-Tested by Matt1010

©Uzzi47, 2020

07 April 2020

Koragg/Leanbow from Power Rangers: Mystic Force

Koragg/Leanbow from Power Rangers: Mystic Force for GTA San Andreas

Converted from Power Rangers: Legacy Wars



©Uzzi47, 2020

02 December 2019

Baby Yoda for GTA San Andreas

Updated version! Enjoy


©Uzzi47, 2021